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A visual inspection is required in order to give you superior service at the price we both can agree on.  Please understand that every detail requires a different amount of steps to get to the desired finish.

Thanks to all our valued customers for your continued support. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and thank you for being great friends.

A Wash To The Wise


1.  Why are your prices higher than most other car washes?

If you compare apples to apples you will see that our prices are fair and in line with the service we provide.  Our hand washing is performed in a series of steps.  We might have to perform more steps on your vehicle than your neighbors.  Which is why two vehicles  that look the same could be priced different.   We hand wash the vehicle, the door jams and the wheels.  Our hand washing is so involved that it could be considered detail washing.

2. What are the benefits of washing my car regularly?

Besides the feeling you get from a car we just washed, washing your car regularly protects your paint.  Hand washing is the first step in preventative maintenance for your paint.  Acid rain, road tar, tree sap, bugs, and bird droppings will damage the paint.  Regular hand washing helps prevent these things from damaging your paint.

3. How can I tell if my car needs waxing and how often should I wax it?

When the water no longer runs off the surface of your car that’s a sure sign.  Stand in front of the car and toss a micro fiber towel toward your windshield.  If it doesn’t slide to the glass then wax is needed.   Wax can be applied as often as you like and its free on your 10th wash at our shop.




We are pleased to offer mobile service to our customers who cant travel to our shop.   We have a self sufficient van that will come to your location and complete your desired service.  While your vehicle will receive the same amount of care and attention,  pricing for mobile service will include additional fees.  

A Wash to The Wise                                 EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS PERIOD 



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